Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Baton Relay Race

Walt : Using the internet locate, select and evaluate the text for specific information about how to use a baton in relay races

Today we were reading Patina. In the chapter 9 Patina and the defenders did a relay race with a baton. So today I made a drawing on how to play relay race with a baton.

I was able to search the internet to find how to play relay race with a baton. Also I was able to make a instructional writing to tell the reader what I was learning.

I thought this was fun because I like writing instructional writing and i got to decorate it.

Next time I will want to do this again because this is something like holes and we made poison lipstick.

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Mrs P said...

Wahooo Ella you rock. I love reading your reflections they are really clear and identify what you were learning and what your could change or improve on for next time. Good idea about relating this learning to Holes.