Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Term 2 Week 2

                         On Tuesday Room 28 went to  Youthtown in the hall by the bikes and scooters i was really                                                  happy to go back to Youthtown at school
                         First We sat down on the the floor in the hall. the first  game we played was
                         Sharks Ships and Shore. When the man said sharks we put our hands on our
                          heads and shaped it like a fin , then when he said shore we had to run to the
                              blue cones Then the man said ship we had to run to the White cones.

         After that we played another game but forget what it was called the first round we had a ball that  was          in the front and three rolls across first we went over under over under till we got to the back then the              back person had to dribble the basketball  to the front then the first group to do three laps and sit                           down be quit was the winner and after that we did our clap and lined up at the door at the                                                                              then it was finished

                                                                My Reflection
                        it was easy for me because i new how to dribble the basketball
                                      Next time i see them i want to learn more spots


My Holidays

In the holidays My Brother My cousin and I went to watch minions with my two Auntys. It was at the Movies. When we got there we got our tickets , We  Wanted to go to go to the 3D Minions so we had to wait.We was early  because we  didn't no there was a 3D 
Minions , Next we got our 3D glass and our food , I got popcorn and a drink my brother got M&M and a drink, lastly my cousin got popcorn and a drink same as me .After that we gave our tickets to  the lady and we got our seats then the movie started . finally it finished.   my favourite minion is BOB!!  Then when it finished                                   we had to wait for the bus.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Learning Poster

                                                               My Reflection
                          I chose this Background case it matches the text and learning.
         It was really tricky to chose the Background because there was lots of background I liked.
               I was easy to pick the quote it was the first one and it was easy to describable