Friday, 30 October 2015

Author Bais

My Reflection 

I was learning about Author Bais.
I thought it was Tricky because it was hard to think about what to write some of the information. Sometimes we  had to ask the teacher too. Next time i want to try some thing else that is a little bit easy for me.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Character Description


This Is Fat granny .

A fat granny that walk like a fat snail and that eats rotten apples.
She cleaning the toilet in the public everyday with her granny friends. She is faster then a cheetah cleaning the toilets  too. every time she get back she say helloely that means hello to her own grandchildren and when she gives them a kiss they get scared because she has scary evil eye browns and choucy lips .

Friday, 16 October 2015

My Holidays

                                            Swimming pools

     In the holidays on 11 of October I went to the swimming  pools            with my Aunty , my grandpa  and my cousin.
 When we went inside the Lloyd Elsmore pools we got a wrist                                                    band.

The first thing I did is got changed in the changing room. After that I hopped in the big Swimming pool. The first thing I did is  counted how long I could hold my breath  under water for. The time was 30 seconds.Then I tried to swim to the other side but it was too long.  I tried 6 times and then I stopped. On the other side of the pool there was a Obstacle course but it cost money, any way I was                        too shy to go on  the Obstacle course. 

Then I went to see my little cousin in the baby pool and there  were lots of sprinklers. I sat in there for about 4 to 5 minutes.  Then I went back in the big swimming pool and did some diving.

Finally I went for a shower in the changing room and washed myself because the hot water ran out at home.  Then when I was supposed to get changed I checked my bag and my clothes wasn't there So I put my togs back on and went out and grabbed my clothes.  After that I got changed and washed my eyes because they were red and  they were hurting. Then My Aunty dropped my grandpa off at my uncle's house. Well we was there  me and my cousin  played on the iPad in the room.  We were playing a piano games and a Shopkins game. About at 4:30 my            Aunty dropped me of at my house and then she went.

Fact Finding in Non-Fiction Texts

                                                                  My Reflection

I was learning to use the 5 questions to help me find the main ideas in the articles.  I used this information to write a summaries of the articles. I thought it was hard because it took me long to find some information.My Next step is to do another Fact Finding in Non-Fiction Texts with kiwi kids news.

Probability with Yahtzee


                                                             My Reflection

I was learning about probability.  We had to play the game Yahtzee and talk about which combinations were most likely and least likely. I thought it was going to be hard but it was a bit easy for me. My Next step is to learn different Probability.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

kensuke kingdom

                                                        My Reflection

                    today in my learning we had do describe the words in the story kensukes kingdom.
                  the teachers Mrs Graham and Mrs Melville gave us some seteants from the book and they       would pick a word for us to describe