Tuesday, 25 August 2015

How to make Clay Wind Chimes Explanation Writing

                                                              My Reflection

I was learning to write a clear explanation for an audience.

I had to write a explanation how to make wind chimes.
I thought it was tricky because it toke me 2 days for this to finish My next step is to learn more about explanation


Term 3 Week 6

        Youth Town 
On Tuesday we went to youth town and we was doing Hockey Games s.
First we pick up the hockey stick then we picked the hockey stick and then brody told us what to do about hockey Then he told us about you put your hand that you don't yous and you put that hand on the top then you put the other hand on the  botten of the stick but don't put it ways down were the botten of the stick
put your hand at the botten of the black tape.

The First  Thing we did is we got a ball and hit it side by side but don't hit it hard just nicely brody told that the the botten bit is called a Hook when the hook is up that means thums up if the hook is facing down that means thums down. after that we played tackle box first eveyone has a ball
then... HOW YOU PLAY first you walk around and you try to hit the other persons ball out off the cones and then the last person wins

The Next Game we played was a game that you dribble the ball with your stick YOU WILL NEED
one Ball four five or four teams then you need 5 cones for each team first you put one cone in fort of the first player in the teams then put the other cones 8 inches  away for the persons cone
first you go up to the 2 cone and then dribble it in between the cones the next one we did is w3e still dribble arouynd the cones but when we got to the end we had to pass the ball side by side then we carry on


Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Term 3 Week 3

                                                          Cross Country 

 On Tuesday after morning tea at 12:30 we went to Cross Country and we do this till the end of this term.
some people brought there PE gear and running shoes i didn't bring anything. After morning tea at 12:30 
We got ready for Cross Country then sat on the mat. After that we went outside and lined up then went down to the shade area and sat down in a line then we went of and run the year 4 boys went then the year 6 boys went then the year 4 girls went witch was me and then the rest of the class went after that we ran and ran and then i went for another leap and ran with my friend and then i got back  and sat down in the line with                                                                      everybody.

My Reflection

It was hard to run because i did 2 leaps 
and last time i did 1 leap next time i want to do 
1 more leap  

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

How to make a milkshake Explanation Writing

                                                                      My Reflection
                                     I have been learning to write a simple explanation.
                                     First i did a brainstorm  about my topic then wrote
                                     my explanation. I found this easy because i new
                                     about how to make a milkshake Next time i what to
                                                  learn more about explanation writing

Explanation Writing

My Reflection 

I have been learning about Explanation writing 
we had to do this quiz to help us learn more 
it was tricky because I didn't  know a lot.
Next time i want to learn more about this .