Thursday, 25 February 2016


Swimming Image result for panmure swimming pool

In the holidays I went to the Swimming pools in Panmure with Curtis , my Papa and my Whaea.  We went on thursday when it was a bright and sunny day at 11 o'clock.
when we got there me and my brother got a slide pass and a diving board pass. So when we got inside me and my brother Jumped into the indoor pools. When we jumped in I put  my goggles on then I started to do some breath strokes , freestyles
and back strokes.

that me and my brother went on the slide and the diving board My brother did some bombs and pencil drops and I went down the slide about six times,it was dark inside the slide.

Me and Curtis went back into the indoor pools and we did some awesome bombs and jumps in the pool  and then we played a game in the pool . So first we had to line up in the pool and we used 4 people then all the people had to move back 1 step then the back person comes to the front and swim under the person  leds into  
you get up to when you can’t do it any more. Then Finally we went for a shower and went home.
The End !

Monday, 22 February 2016

Letter to the author

 Dear brothers Grimm

Hello My name is Ella and I love your story Hansel and Gretel.
Well the part I like about it is that there was a candy house
and the reason why I like the candy house is because I love
CANDY. the part I don,t like in the story, is that the step mother told the woodcutter to take Hansel and Gretel into
the woods where it was dark.

Bye from Ella  

Friday, 19 February 2016

Maths Word Problems

WALT: find the key info in a question

Kimberly bought stamps at the post office. Some of the stamps had a snowflake design, some had a truck design, and some had a rose design. Kimberly bought 3 snowflake stamps. She bought 5 more truck stamps than snowflake stamps, and 6 fewer rose stamps than truck stamps. How many stamps did Kimberly buy in all?

snow flakes = 3
trucks = 8
rose = 2

5 more trucks than snow flakes
6 less rose than trucks

She brought 3 snow flakes stamps and
there is 5 more truck stamps than snow flakes 5+3=8 so there are 8 truck stamps. 

She brought 8 truck stamps and there is 6 less rose stamps than trucks 8-6=2 so there are 2 rose stamps.



My Refection
I was learning to use word problems.
It was easy because all you had to do is read the word problem and put the words you need like she brought 3 snow flake stamps and because it said there is 5 more truck stamps than snow flake stamps. Next time i want to do and higher level word problem then this.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Welcome Post 2016

Welcome to my learning blog for year 5 in 2016.This year I am in Room 25. My teacher is Miss Fisher. I enjoy swimming, maths, art and reading . My goal for this year is to move up In my maths. I am looking forward to learning new stuff. I hope you enjoy my blog and leave some feedback for me.